Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Shomo specifically said:
"Write, write.... don't miss out on these moments, and today's memories...."

Well today I make an attempt- not to miss documenting today's memories, but to document the memories of the days i miss.

The first post on this blog was a few years ago. I still am unclear why I never had any desire to write. Off and on, reading other's opinions and musings out in the open made me wonder if I was brave enough to put my life and more so, my precious thoughts under public scrutiny. But then again, I am no British Royalty to merit such attention. For all practical purposes the only people reading it will be people I know, I love, I care for, I have, I want, I resent. How can I express an opinion or a thought in an isolated (and more so, in a politically correct) context? Frankly, I shiver at the thought of people reading this and knowing me better than they need to. It felt diificult then and now, I (re)start with a little bit of apprehension.

As of today, in a relignment of priorities and thoughts, I have stopped looking for the purpose here, I am doing it for the heck of it. Makes my task easier.

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Sinfully Pinstripe said...

"I am doing it for the heck of it. Makes my task easier"

In retrospect, that's alright. I write because I write. As inanely class 7 poet-like that might sound. And I can only write about what I feel/ am feeling. So that's ok.