Monday, April 25, 2005

Formula One

Alonso won again! But at least Schumi finished. His podium is like icing on the cake.Its getting exciting, and it will be, lest Alonso decides on winning all the races this season and the next, and then it would be all the same again. May be, Schumi will pull something out of his hat! As an employee of a french firm, I have smoothly changed my allegiance to le constructeur fran├žais. It makes good conversation. Also because I am sick of Red. Red (and gold) reminds me of Chinese New year, and Devdas, and Ferrari winning year after year. Not so happening.

Vinay has an indepth analysis of how the rule changes affect the F1 Scene - I would agree with most of it. F1 is about speed and technique, and not about stress testing of the car.

Though people would kill for the opportunity -- watching F1 live is not as exciting as watching it on TV. You can see only a part of the circuit, and with the affordable tickets - you cannot see the finish line either- there are no screens. The noise levels at first seems awesome, but by the 20th lap it kills. Laps are difficult to figure out, also who went for pit stop, who retired, who did what. When Schumi was leading, you could figure out by waiting for his car, but the rest - usually no idea =). Your race is restricted to the part that you can see-- more like spot the car competition. Not as cuticle-chew-worthy either. And also, you have to go early, and wait for hours -- if you really are worried about the race itself, stick to TV.

But having said that, watching F1 live is totally worth the experience, the cars on display are mindblowing. Walk through the pits is mindblowing. For the guys, an added incentive are the Malboro chicks, wearing oh-so-short skirts. The smokers hearts flutter even more. I got to see/hear the mostest-cutest Raikkonnen. The whole ambience is *mindblowing*, since you see/meet/hear fanatics from all over the world, and the town is painted RED. It feels like it is a religion. Isn't it?

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