Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Face Recognition Indeed

Found this from Ashwin's blog. Stress tested this using an old mug-shot of Bill Gates, which used to be a popular forward sometime back. The results are awe-inspiring to say the least.

There is a 67% Match with Kim Katrall. Been staring hard at these two for a long time to see howon earth can she ever look like Bill Gates. Just for the sake of her vanity, I hope she never never ever comes across this.
Owen Wilson? Yeah, kinda. Thats if you stare hard enough for long enough. Flattering? Perhaps!

This, in my opinion is as close a match as it can get:

For the curious, the other matches included Liza Minelli, Mick Jagger and the strangest match of them all: Jay Chou, the taiwanese pop-star.

Friday, June 09, 2006


June 9th, 2:44 pm, thats right now.
I was configuring all my news feeds in Sage , which I think is super for it is very inobtrusive in office, and especially with Google Sync, it rocks. But that's digressing.

These are the news feeds now:

While BBC world talks about bomb blasts in Assam, Rediff focuses on the volatile Sensex, which seems to be going through, forgive the terrible analogy, but a bad case of PMS.

And TOI, takes the cake.

Which leads me to think, whats more critical/important to report? A bomb blast by separtists which in the bigger picture didn't directly affect that may lives or Sensex, which would have a much wider "direct" impact for sure.

Friday, June 02, 2006

On Random Public Obsessions

1. Spelling bee: Never understood why this creates such a big buzz. Is it just another demonstration of intellectual superiority of the indian diaspora in the US, or is it a real competition? Why is everyone so obsessed with it?

As an aside, the girl who came second stumbled on the word weltschmerz. Wait, did I spell it wrong?

2. Fanaa: Yes, its maudlin and full of improbable conicidences. Yes, the plot is full of craters. Yes, the shayari gets a little too much to bear. Yes, Kajol still looks thin and young. Yes, Aamir Khan still looks fat and old. Yes, we differ on the yakkity-yakking Bobo female. Yes, to have Lara Dutta in a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo is bad. Yes, to have Lara Dutta and not have an item-number is worse.

But then all said and done, we have to remember the premise: "Its a Yash Raj movie", and that would explain it all. We are talking about the same factory which mass-produced tearjerkers like Veer Zaara, Mohabbatein and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. They do this for a living. What else did you expect?

3. Vinci da Code: Err, the lesser said the better. The controversy and the sensationalization of it, in my opinion, is way past its sell out date. Read it, haven't watched the movie yet. But I wonder how they will manage to implement the trivia-in-the-storyline, a format patented and perfected by Dan Brown. Heaven forbid, if there are any car chases, I would hate for Sophie(?) to exclaim "Jesus Christ" and the Langdon fellow to give us a "crash"-course in what I call reinterpreted history in response.
(Thanks AA for the Vinci da Code bit. Apparently, thats what they would call the movie in Sadda Punjab. Sorry, I killed the joke.)

4. Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt: I pity her that despite her parents' honest effort to find the remotest corner in the world for her, that's perhaps the last bit of privacy she will ever get. They also made an honest effort to find her a name as "remote". Frankly, I pity her more for her name, for everytime she will have to stand in front of a desk and spell it out, oooof. But then, maybe she never will have to. With those set of genes, I don't think so.

5. And whats with Oriyas these days: First there was the winner Budhia Singh and his "also-ran" counterpart Dilip Rana. Then the NASA awardees and the tea-stall owner's son who made it to the IAS made us proud. Now there is a woman getting married to a snake. Suddenly Oriyas are ubercool and are commanding their own space on the news paper. I wonder if I am missing the publicity bandwagon.

I am getting mo' and mo' cynical by the minute.

*Update*: Few days after this was posted: Desipundit led me to this piece:
On Being Oriya