Friday, June 09, 2006


June 9th, 2:44 pm, thats right now.
I was configuring all my news feeds in Sage , which I think is super for it is very inobtrusive in office, and especially with Google Sync, it rocks. But that's digressing.

These are the news feeds now:

While BBC world talks about bomb blasts in Assam, Rediff focuses on the volatile Sensex, which seems to be going through, forgive the terrible analogy, but a bad case of PMS.

And TOI, takes the cake.

Which leads me to think, whats more critical/important to report? A bomb blast by separtists which in the bigger picture didn't directly affect that may lives or Sensex, which would have a much wider "direct" impact for sure.


ash said...

Google Sync + Sage is a neat idea. I might switch from Bloglines if this experience is good.

Mo said...

Have used Sage before, and google lens as well. But this as of now seems good, more importantly inconspicuous. Also, I absolutely love the restore open tabs feature.