Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On Crusades

Today I am happy since I beat Murphy to it. With the same eagerness with which i wait for Fridays, I somehow managed to tactfully and gracefully [no damsel in distress act] distribute my work to all others worthy of it, and received swift returns on the same. I will probably return early!

I also got my fill of crusading today.
I went to the doctor, and his assistants reminded me yesterday and today of my impending appointment at 1145 am. Stickler for time that I am, I left all the work aside [The buck was still with me then], I reached a good 20 minutes before the designated hour. And guess what, I wish I had gone late....I had to wait there for a good 45 minutes. The potpourri which i couldnt smell, some boring pamphlets were not helping the situation. Though the plan-your-wedding magazine on the table did evoke some bride-like feelings for me. Not the coy type, the samurai sword weilding Uma thurman brand. I swear I wanted to pull out one!. After having to wait a good 20 mins more after the doctor saw me, for some stupid blood test which cost me a fortune, I decided to give in to my very humble desire of putting my point across: Of why the doctor's time is precious, and mine not so much, and if they could remind me half an hour before the appointment lest the doc have to wait, why they don't inform me if the doc is busy, and I might have to wait. Having put the point across with all my cool [*pat on my back*] - I felt happier than ever, came back with renewed joy and enthu to pass the buck [ I wonder if it was the 8 ml blood slowing me down!]


Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Once a feminist, always a feminist. Once a firebrand, always a firebrand.

Mo said...

I was waiting for you to say that :)

Mo said...
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Sinfully Pinstripe said...

:) I'm getting predictable.