Saturday, April 23, 2005

The argument continues....

Its interesting to see the war over bloggers. Thankfully, there is no argument about the need for blogging!

I had created this Id on blogger/blogspot eons ago... so I don't deny I am slightly prejudiced.R and S have been arguing so I sampled xanga. Y!360 was ruled out since I feel too many choices are not too good either. With all disclaimers, here goes the opinion on xanga:

Apart from the adivasi hoolalala name there are a lot of other things against Xanga. Shom says xanga is very "15 years old". I agree. With the smileys and eprops and those blinky blinky things all over, somehow it feels like another social networking place where there is no chance you will be hidden. For someone who secretly dreads being found out, xanga is not the place. You can't be serious either. What do I say? Today I am thinking deeply about the futility of life. *sad smiley*

I don't like the "linking system" of subscription either. I still don't know how you can do it on xanga, but I want to be able to blogroll other people with my own comments. I like editing the templates too. Its quicker. Comments [yes, round won by shom!] -- even LJ allows anonymous comments.

What I do like about xanga, is for one, the image uploading. its a lot easier there. And the fact that I can add what book I am reading and what music is playing. Its kinda fun, since it is a more generic indication of the mood, than the words I write. There is no way I can be serious on xanga, hence all things colorful come out. The background/template that I complained about so much, is not bad either. On blogger, every amar-akbar-anthony has the same serious dark background as me. I think like the foreigners clapping after a confusing "fusion" performance, we [Amar, akbar, anthony and me] try to look serious and intellectual here. Why the hell are we sitting and thinking about the futility of life!!

So, as of now, confused, and since I have too much of blogging to catch up on-- me and my alter-ego remain.


Jeeves,Reginald said...

spoken too early.

Jeeves,Reginald said...

and deeply deeply disappointed with your review...ciao

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Take a bow, ginsoakedgentleman

Mo said...

Com' on Review disclaimers were attached!!! All written stuff is entirely my opinion, etc etc.