Thursday, April 07, 2005


The deal is this: I couldn't sleep at night. Kept thinking about a lot of things- more than necessary. So, I am little blur today. [In singlish Blur: Used to describe someone as rather inept or in a world of his own. May also be used to describe the feeling of being dazed] 11:30 am- Have finished all the required work in the same feeling of daze. Last night, I flitted from subject to subject: some technical, most reeking the overrated nostalgia. And then I wondered, if my ever nostalgic self would like to go back to the place where I started.

To make matters worse, this old batchmate from school buzzed me on Orkut saying “Hi! I know you remember me! You look very different in your picture!” I must have spoken to him not more than 10 times through school, and here he was. I had to try hard to remember him- [Needless to say, he looked very different in his picture too!]. I am not sure whether I am happy about getting this fragile[-as-an ego] link back. I had top secret identity in School – I was geeky/ gawky (CIA) agent, now I try to dissociate myself from. It doesn’t look like my friend lived a vagabond existence like I did and hence, he is still in touch with a lot of people from school. I am sure through him, I am sure I will get back many other links which I am not sure I would want any more. In fact, I am quite sure I don’t want them any more. Love, hate, indifference – all was good while it lasted – now it seems too complicated for forging a new friendship, and too difficult to avoid this one! Lets see!

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