Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The process

So the plan was quite clear, thus spake the Engineer/MBA. He charted it out for me neatly on a piece of paper. He excelled at spreadsheets, that kinda stuff you know. This is how he put it:

#define Start date T April sometime.

Start chatting;
T + 1 month: we will send pictures to each other.
Iff (all goes well) /*meaning, she doesn't get a heart attack looking at his pics*/
2 more months of wooing;
Early part of the following month, he proposes;
If( she says yes) {
Jump up and down ten times;
For(the next three months) discuss if we should get married?;
If (OK) then {
For(one month) - discuss when to get married;
loop for One year {
swimming and sinking in love;
If (End of next year) get out of this stupid loop;
Check(bank balance);
Tie the knot;
Happy ever after;

Bloody geek. Wants everything to be perfect. In order. Six Sigma compliant. Cant go wrong. Only 6 defects in a thousand pieces. In a million, the nitpicker would correct you.

Thankfully Love, as Tom Robbins said, is the ultimate outlaw. And it had other plans.

So then she called, and said she had sent him the pics like he had asked for, for which he had cooked up a silly excuse like a hard disk crash, and that she had Paneer butter masala for lunch which was too spicy.
And thankfully, the process crumbled.

Shilly phish, the two of them, I tell you.

With their parents blessings, they will probably elope today. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Kee Kando.

Somedays, I am not so cynical about the world. And I am kind. And excited.

[PS] I know the brackets dont match. Its okie. Its fine.


fizz said...


Prateek said...

Reminds me of someone I know too well! :)

Mo said...

@Fizz, :) to you too.
Long time no news?

@Prateek, is it the same certain someone I know too well too?

fizz said...

nothing to report, sarge!
but if i elope, you'll be first to get the news :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mo said...


Dont let me beee the last to knowwww.

Prateek said...

might be possible! [of course, that is under the assumption that the two of us are talking about the same person ;)] - Prateek