Monday, June 11, 2007

The baker's dozen

Fans of the classic caper genre will say that Ocean's thirteen doesn't qualify as one. Maybe, this wasn't meant to be one. Also, that 11 was perfect. For this one, the aim wasn't perfection, perhaps.

Roger Ebert might complain argue that the plot is fragile, and whatever is left of it is quite absurd. I beg to disagree. While not cult-level, or anything remotely memorable, this one did justice to the series in a way no threequel this year has managed to achieve. I drooled, I laughed, I guffawed, and then I left, and that is what this was meant to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Matt Damon emerges as a personal favourite among the star studs. Brad's Rusty is well, rusty.

Also, for my plebian tastes, the Oprah touch was quite a masterstroke.


fizz said...

me too matt damon, me too. and his hook nose.

though i must admit i didnt like the movie so much, sgt. momo. they built it up for two hours and finished it in two minutes. i wanted mo'! :)

Mo said...

Yeah well, it didn't have the crisp exchange.
remember the one in 11, where Tess tells Danny, "You are a thief and a liar", and he says "I only lied about being a thief" etc.
I missed all that.

But I have seen worse movies this year. And this was total value for popcorn.