Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peddling pedals.

Many summers ago, two boys went on a shopping trip to buy a cycle, It was vastly frustrating, so they boldly went where no men have gone before. They decided to open a bike shop.

It all started out when Nikhil and Rohan came up with the crazy idea of cycling to work. Despite the killer traffic, these two aficionados have been religiously riding their bikes to work for more than a year now, and have discovered that it is far less stressful to manoeuvre a bike in the traffic than to drive. They strongly believe that this could be a healthy solution to the current unhealthy traffic situation in Bangalore. With the nobel intention of sharing the gyaan, and helping people attain the same nirvana, , they came up with the idea of getting state-of-the-art Trek and Firefox bicycles to Bangalore. And lo and behold, BumsOnTheSaddle was born.

Together, the erstwhile-partners-in-crime and now in business are looking at spearheading a community of biking enthusiasts. So check out the cool website, the blog and/or the bikeshop (big incentive - it is located bang opposite the Girls' hostel in Jayanagar). And do remember to drop them a word even if you are not looking at picking up a cycle.

Generous as they are, they even offer free test-rides.

PS: Rohan, I just emailed you my bank account information . :)


Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Same Rohan? Kini? Awesome. Congrats to him...

Colleagues and I had a half-hour discussion on this today.... Super idea. A little low on the implementability sweepstakes though... especially for us, and especially considering
a) the destination being MG Road and not Sharjapur road
b) Formals only
kinda restrictions.

But great idea. At least one of the colleagues sounded super excited... And yeah, consultants, if they don't (i.e. can't) sport swank cars, they might as well sport something radically different, like a bike....

Mo said...

Well, you could carry a change :D

Rohan, you are invited to speak on the subject matter.

ROhan said...

hehe :)
yeah .. formals can be a problem. But not THAT big a problem.

I know folks, who need to wear formals at work, who carry a change (actually I carry a change too).

Drop in for a test ride sometime!