Friday, September 30, 2005

Trip to Canadian Rockies, Part 3
Alpine Glow

First rays of the sun hit the snow-covered peaks and it looked like someone set it on fire. The full moon was still waiting, as if to witness it. Words can't do it justice so I let the pic do the talking, but in short: the view took my breath away.

The picture is a bit grainy and asymmetric, and there are two street lights standing right in the front in full view, but this pic was the first one taken, and here the moon is in all its glory. Which makes it Perfect.


ROhan said...

Nice snap ..

But you should have used a trip pod, not shot at 400ISO and tried another shot without using the zoom :-)

Bad luck those stupid street lamps got in ur way !!

wow .. the moon is Huuugee !!
Always wanted to take a snap like this, never got to ..

In fact u can make this snap a lil better. If you have picasa bump up the shadows on this and the Graininess can cometimes be kinda camoflaged !!

nice snap anywyas !!

Mo said...

I have others, but the moon had set by then.

And it loses the point if I photoshop it. Doesn't it?

leppy said...

Hey MO!

been a long time..
looks like u had a nice trip sans the harrassed flying..