Friday, September 02, 2005

So we are 96% Percent similar to Chimps..

I thought being born in the year of the monkey was the worst part of the joke on me!


Anonymous said...

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ROhan said...

looks like some bot has left a comment on ur blog !!!

Lihtnes said...

The dude read ur blog and decided u r the kind of person who buys quilts on the internet!
guess the chimp comparison to urself gave him the confidence

fizz said...

hey dont go pulling a houdini.. post some :)
(yes.. look who's talking etc. i know)

Purely Narcotic said...

Just because I have nothing better to say and I have been reading through the archives: It's Bonobos(exactness matters no?) we share 97% of our genes with. :)

Mo said...

Hmm, yes, it does matter. Link was under the title though.

I doubt if you found anything worthwhile in the archives.

Purely Narcotic said...

That's sneaky! Why didn't I think of clicking on the title?

I did. Else I wouldn't have gone through all the entries here! :)

Mo said...

Because blogger introduced the feature and it was cool not to paste the link in the body of the article.

Learning about chimps? hyuk hyuk.
Someday, I'll wallow in my own archives. Subtext and Self pity in equal measures.