Thursday, November 15, 2007

Linking park

I can't type Linkin Park without making a mistake.
Anyway, I went for the concert two days ago. It wasn't because I still listen to them, it was because I listened to them eons ago, and I wanted to watch them then and hence had to watch them now. For completeness.

Lights were fantastic. Really really well done. I was truly impressed. Sound was ok, though A claims it was better than many other concerts he has gone for. The vocalists are mindblowingly good. Considering that having two vocalists (and their egos) may be a bit too much for a band.
Oh and the turntables and the DJ were in a position which rightfully belongs to the drummer. The drummer was kind of sidelined. At one point of time, there were major drum-rolls going on, and we caught the drummer getting a drink, and we figured why he was placed in a corner. Rest of the band kept themselves occupied - they changed guitars as often as they could even between songs. For appeal. (Heh!)
Much of their stuff is programmed, so it gives little scope for improvisation or interaction with the audience.

So that's that.

As an aside, what's with the encores? The bands pretend to go off stage without performing their best-selling/most-popular songs, leave the guitars on stands, and then the crowd will scream and clap. Then they will come back on stage and play three whole songs.
Mockery. I can't stand the farce of encores anymore. I am yet to experience the euphoria of a genuine encore.


Ga-Joob said...

RDP also did encore... but they didnt leave the stage... anyway, i'm sure you've got a good taste of his 'in-between-songs-' 'Oh-No!' statements...

Zuqbas : n. a very fast bus. "look, there... zzzzzzuqbas!"

arun said...

How I do hate these fake encores. They just walk off the stage and hang around backstage till the audience inevitably screams for some more (why won't they... after paying $150 a pop for the tickets). So it a pre-meditated impromptu act. And then the band comes back to thank the audience profusely (who inevitably are also the best crowd the band has ever played to... at least that's what they always say). Quite disappointing that even older acts like the Eagles and Sting do this...

How I always wish at these moments that the lights guy, unaware of this, switches on the overhead lights and announces the end of the show and people start streaming out.. ha.. that would be worth the 150 bucks to see the look on the band's face backstage. Ha.