Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8

An event to remember... where the who's who of Rock-Roll-Pop-Funk-Grunge paraded the stage one after the other... like it was Strawberry Fields or something... After a while, I couldn't keep track.
But the concert certainly had its share of "moments"...Not one, but many... In any case, sleep beckoned, and I couldn't watch the whole thing. From what I saw:

*Notable lines-- An awkward Bill Gates speaking the same awkward lines on stage as Brad Pitt who said it like he had them memorized for a Sanskrit Exam.

* Notable modesty and the lack of it: Respectively, A very modest The Edge from U2 saying "We may go down in history as a band which murdered Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band", and the punk-y Greenday guy saying "If there are fans of Greenday out there who don't know anything about Africa, they will get to know because WE played here". Hello Mister, do you having any clue who you shared the stage with.

*Notable "Show(wo)manship": Madonna! She had like a whole bunch of Chorus singers, and stage performers. I mean, ooh!

*Notable Haunting voice: Dido-- "White Flag" and "Thank you!"

*Notable Non-haunting voice, which would make even Happy birthday to You sound like a dream: Bono. (Is it ok to admit I nurture a tiny crush on the guy?)

*Notable bad-hairstyle of the century- Bob Geldof.

Any others?

Caught the "Floyd" performance on the re-run. Yes, the guitar sounds the same, but the voices are lost. Slightly


Mohan said...

Notable show of the show:

"Breathe", "Money, "Wish you were here", "Comfortably Numb" sung by Messrs. David Gilmour and Roger Waters (albeit a pathetic parody of their golden renditions).

Notable nonsense of the show: Bjork dressed up as a Japanese female samurai and singing a "Whats-that-racket?" song.

Mo said...

Missed the Floyd part, even on reruns. Now waiting for DVD. I forgot to mention Bjork! Thanks, Mohan