Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Some hopeless piece of gossip....

.... which has no relevance in the bigger spectrum of things. *BEWARE*... What comes next completely trivial and needs no IQ, absolutely.

Paris Hilton is engaged to Paris Latsis. Do you notice, the possibilities are immense:

If she changes her name after marriage, she becomes Paris Latsis too.
Thankfully she is not indian, cause if she was, she would have to take her husband's first name as middle name, and she would be called Paris Paris Latsis.

Imagine the phone calls they receive:
-Who do you want to speak to?
-Paris who?
-Paris Latsis!

Hopefully they will use their head and be imaginative with their kids names... and the first born son doesn't have to be named after the father (or the mother!).. Don't even think about the daughter: its bad enough that she might inherit her mother's looks (or worse still, the brains!).


Sinfully Pinstripe said...

As usual, I will have to come up with my bit of mindless trash trivia facts here...

a) Now the sardarnis all over the world will have to have bisexual names.... So the possibilities are immense. Here's Navjot Sidhu. Here's his wife, Navjot Sidhu.... Now they have as per what I know, a son and a daughter. Now if they could have had the western naming system of Navjot Jr. etc, they could have had 4 Navjots in a family of 4.

b) Dominic, in french becomes Dominique. So what is Dominique Lapierre's wife's name? Dominique again.

Mo said...

by associative law: Latsises are sardars. hahahahaha.

Shit. this is funny in a wierd way!

Mohan said...

I am sorry, I didn't know Paris Hilton had brains!!!


Mo said...

Mohan, Agreed!