Thursday, June 23, 2005

Random Events/Musings which don't merit a full blog

1. Read this in Time mag: Michael Jackson supposedly got away unscathed because he is now white! This quote kills multiple birds with one stone!

2. Was walking with full-ishtyle into the lift (on the client side), and my pointed high heel got stuck in the gap in the lift door, and refused to come out for a full 20 seconds. Ooh, can anything else be more embarassing?

3. Bliss is... to wake up familiar song on the radio (alarm), in an alien land. The song in question being..."Sultans of Swing".

4. Also read: an amusing full-page-article on the law leans towards the fairer sex, and women get away with murder, literally... Two women accused of infanticide got away with a "few years". Their post-natal depression was to blame. Men on the other hand will be charged of a second degree murder in a similar situation. Hmm...

5. Also also read: an article about the questionable questioning methods used in Guantanamo to find out "details" from "supposedly" 20th hijacker... I leave the rest to your fertile imagination...

*edit* Finally remembered what I wanted to say! After successfully braving/avoiding the sars and the avian flu virus, I have received another one now from sin/gin. I cannot but get infected... Wait for the symptoms now!

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