Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of intelligence, stereotypes and word salads.

Overheard: You get tired of people complimenting you for your intelligence, and hence read trash which insults it.

Monday morning came with the unusual comparison to a very interesting character, a man, from a TV show. Immensely flattered by this compliment, my question was rather simple "Why aren't there any intelligent women to be compared against?". The answer I received was nothing short of a revelation: "Because intelligent women become a stereotype and then proceed to get utterly lost."

The Activist,
the Carrie Bradshaw, the power dresser, the Martha Stewart, the Liberated feminist, the Joni Mitchel, the SAHM, so on and so forth. At some point of time most get slotted, pigeonholed into their parts.

I have heard this before, I think. It never registered. And never before have I been this amused.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

and there is a quote from some book which says " why is that when men want to pay you the greatest compliment in their power they say "you think like a man"" - thought that was quite insightful.

(which man btw?)

Mo said...


Nah, that's not the point.

As I was saying, I think women have a type, men don't.

As for the man, if you can't tell, you can't. :)