Friday, March 20, 2009


One is not qualified to write about Motorsport, but one can always mention a sport we love: Calvinball.

The only consistent rule of Calvinball is that it may never be played with the same rules twice, because Calvinball is against organized sport. You can always change rules on the fly, especially after it (the game, the season) has started.

No sport, really no sport, is less organized than Calvinball.

So with all these rule changes, maybe I'll switch to watching football, learning the offside rule is much easier.

Title credit: shub


Lihtnes said...

If you really want to get confused, you should try and understand the Duckworth Lewis rule in cricket

Mo said...

Duckworth lewis is a puzzle after the game, offside is during, and hence confusing. Did you read the link? It's genius.

Now, FIA have reverted the rules. Hehehhe.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

calvinball rocks.

life is like that.

shub said...

Ahh, love the explanation of the rule.

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