Thursday, August 16, 2007


You know what's frustrating?

To spend three years working on something, and then getting the terrible feeling to sweep over you - "I am too good to be doing this."
And to have a blog and not be able to rant. Because it is barely anonymous. Because I am too stuck up. Because I pretend like this is literature.
Normal lives we lead here,
Breakdowns, disappointments, frustrations, hopes, and dreams of an improbably futuer.

Maybe I lack the confidence. Maybe everyone expects too much from me.

Let's just hope that hindsight fixes it all.


HeShoots_AndScores said...

DOn't worry so much. You probably are too good. And you will do something about it. You can count on that.

S. Pinstripe said...

Was thinking of writing something equally cynical in comments, on the lines of 'yes, hindsight always fixes it all' and the likes... and I saw Harry's comment. It's good to be a positive guy, na? You are a lucky bloke, Harry, to have the gift of positivity.

Lihtnes said...

open up something like where nobody knows it is you