Monday, January 29, 2007

Chain of thought of a cluttered mind.

In my mind, clutter is all I find. Time for some spring cleaning. In a futile attempt to convince people that I am not slowly turning insane, I explain. If I cant convince them, maybe I should confuse them. If I land up confusing myself further, I will make a list. Seriously, there is nothing in the world a well-intended, well-indented list can't solve. Make it with bullets for added measure, and posterity. So, I am thinking -
  • that missing a flight because I was too busy eating apple strudel at the lounge was a liberating experience.
  • that I am too young to be thinking that a weekend spent lazing around is a good weekend.
  • that I am too old to be thinking that a vacation spent in the eat-sleep-eat-sleep routine is a perfect vacation.
  • that the best thing that has ever happened to me on the bloody-I-don't-need-this-first-day-of-work-after-a-lazy-vacation was to see a surprise gift waiting for me at the office.
  • that to find that the package contained a book that I have been wanting for really long was a cherry on the icing on the birthday cake. (Thanks Sin-Gin, for the wish of getting older and saner and well... godbless)
  • that the near-death-experience resulting from hypothermia for the sake of vanity was the best gift I could have given Mathur on his wedding day.
  • that hyperthermia is called fever.
  • that I would like to deliver a speech saying thanks to Parle for the adulterated Limca he plied me with.
  • that I like Limca.
  • that I like Appy fizz almost as much.
  • that I figured that a surefire way of putting people on the defensive is to ask a question starting with "Why would anyone..."
  • that the surefire way of getting miserable is to think in sentences starting with "if-only".
  • that "what else could anyone ask for?" is a contorted idea of happiness.
  • that opinions should be gift wrapped.
  • that one needs to search for lack of purpose. I think search for purpose is making us miserable.
  • that giving up favourite things is an easy exercise.
  • that easy is not what I like, and hence I am about to give up on giving up.
  • that there is no one else I know who needs a sabbatical more than I do.


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Wow! Am impressed with Amazon. They actually send those notes.... godbless.