Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was a
poet. Wish
I was an
I wish I
was both, at the
same time. Wish I could
see poetry, in all its colours.
The landscape, pink coloured
skies, violet clouds, birds, words,
Wish I could sketch - dark, obscure
pensive moments from my every day
shades of grey, and it would take
a shape, if not a silhouette.Wish
I could paint the cornflower
blue tie, and the cataract
of memories, covering
my eyes, painted,
Wish I could describe:
etch it on wood, use a scribe,
Movie, image, a m o v i iiinnnggggggg thing
an object in motion, a word turning, a thought running.
Wish I could imagine a rhyme. High, low, hidden in the line.

I could
make my
thoughts align.

I could
paint a poem.
ink colours.
fade out.
in time.


Loony Libberswick of Llapland said...

Thanks for dropping by :)
Corny, but wish you all the best.

fizz said...

i'm right here, hiding in for sometime.

most of those i read and wrote to have stopped blogging. i am not sure who i talk to anymore, when i write. so i'm sitting ducks at the moment, sulking a bit perhaps, since the new blogs on xanga are mostly teenage gangs.

glad you are back. wish mister sinful could be persuaded to do the same.. its been a while.

Mo said...


What a pity! Writing "for" someone is the toughest thing to do, since all those you tie your writing on to, the ones who you think are your muses, inevitably leave. Or get busy.

Drop me a mail. Or pass me your email id.

PI said...