Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adidas set to buy Reebok

Now who said, "Impossible is nothing"?

As an aside, I remember the take on the above by a Local Chinese SportsWear Brand in Beijing: "Anything is Possible". Those guys can pirate anything.


fizz said...

hey roshni

i'm fizz. i'm nilanshu, jeeves and gin's friend too. been reading your blog for a long time.. like it lots. thought i'd say hello!

Mo said...

Thanks for visiting fizz.
I have been secretly visiting your blog too! You write very well.

Lihtnes said...

dude... "Anything is possible" is HP's slogan... so if anything, the Chinese guy copied from them (word to word)

Mo said...

So grab the idea from Adidas, and slogan from HP: Thats taking piracy to a new level!!