Monday, May 09, 2005

Well, I am back

I am back, to the familiar place, familiar language, familiar weather, familiar seat, familiar keyboard and of course familiar blogger. Needless to say, I am happy!
  • I had fun in Paris, lots of it. But, I don't miss Paris at all. AT ALL! The excitement in life comes out of adventure, yes, but I had enough!
  • The gruelling 13 hour flight was further ruined by this li'l girl who was suffering- her ears hurt. It didn't help that her parents were sitting across the aisle from each other, and decided to spend the night whispering to each other in french. Given the strong "s" in french, it was not exactly worth the whisper, since It was like a snake with a bad accent or something.. to top it all, the guy bumped into me, and stepped on my glasses. But I kept my cool. Beemar bachche ke mata-pita ka saat khoon maaf. In any case, now I am sleepy and without glasses, both of which don't help the overall situation of being blur.
  • On board I watched:
    • "Finding Neverland" (good!). I like Johnny Depp.
    • I love Huckabees, (I heart huckabees) which may be good, but its one of those stimulating movies about *Why do we exist*, a little abstract! Can someone tell me something about it, please? And Yeah, I like Mark Wahlberg!
    • Bits and pieces of Meet the Fockers: a movie which I was trying to avoid. I am through with Ben Stiller brand of humor. Though, I like Robert De Niro.
    • Tom and Jerry, and some OOOOLD Disney animations, eg. one about how to play golf [which I remember watching on a Sunday morning on DD]
  • In the real world, I am still confused about what to do, how to do, and what I was doing before I left.
  • K, I prefer blogger!
  • Why is it that my blogs are written with this *negative energy* thing around it? Meaning, I haven't said anything nice about anything!


Jeeves,Reginald said...


Mo said...

good for what? I have been talking about all things terrible

Jeeves,Reginald said...

"good" because the power and the ability to prefer something over the other only happens with copious emanation of "Positive Energy"
Your post is contradictory from head to ....just before the toe..where you wrote about "Negative Energy"